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Our Furry Children

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Author Topic: Our Furry Children  (Read 94 times)
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« on: March 02, 2009, 10:29:36 am »

BrokenWing Chronicles
Our Furry Children

Rose and I were driving down Washington ave here in Minneapolis one day, it was a very hot sun shiny Suday.
We saw a box sitting by the door of a animal shelter, it was Sunday and the shelter was closed.
We stopped and took a look inside the box, there was this little kitten, maybe 4 weeks old.
Rose Ann snatched her up and we came home, she surely would have died that day.
We took turns hand feeding our new little friend, she would fit perfectly into my shirt pocket, so, thats where she stayed.
We named her Samantha, she grew very quickly and by all means, she was precious.
Samantha was an indoor cat, she was never allowed to roam freely outside, sometimes we would allow her to come outside onto the deck to sun, but if she wonder off the deck, back into the house she would go.
Samantha began having siesures at the age of 17, her kidneys began to fail and sadly, Samantha was put down, she was cremated and I keep her in a box close to my bedside.
Our neighbors house caught fire, we agreed to care for her animals while they fixed her home.
Her cat was pregnant, soon we were caring for 6 babies, Rose and I noticed one was being pushed away, one morning we found this little one completely blue and motionless, we thought she was dead, we warmed her, and she began to move, we hand fed her and she grew, we re-homed all the kittens, but the runt...we kept, we named her Cracker, soon we figured out why Cracker was rejected my her mother, she has deformed hind legs..
Cracker is pictured on the right, she is 15 years old now, she is a indoor cat, she is and always has been skinny, she can eat all day long and never gain a pound....
Rose Ann went to a pet co adoption day, here she comes home with a kitten, a farm kitten that was being thrown around by the male cats to encourage the female to breed.
"Nobody wanted her" Rose said to me as I shook my head....
I named her Rachel, she is pictured on the left, Rachel never makes a sound, no meow at all, ever...
All she does is purr, she loves to be with me, on my lap is where she will always end up and we sit and watch TV.
Rachel is an indoor cat.

Please keep your cats indoors safe and sound, give wildlife a break, show your cat that you love him/her, by not allowing your feline to roam outside freely you are protecting them from Cars, other cats, angry humans and the list goes on and on.

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« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2009, 12:25:11 pm »

What a beautiful story!  It is so great that you could rescue them like that--I'm positive Samantha lived a great life with you and your family!  :)  Rachel is gorgous; her eyes are amazing. 

It is horrible what some people will do to cats--people seem to think less of them than dogs.  Just last summer, a 4 pound immaciated year old cat was dumped off on a road near our house.  She had recently weaned kittens, and I wonder what the people did to them.  We started leaving food out for her, and she would come and eat several times a day.  She was terrified of us.  One evening, she came up to our screen door and pushed a hole through.  She never left our house again.  Her name is Beatrix (Bea), and she has a forever home with me now.  She has doubled her body weight (she had a worm infestation that required extensive treatment from the vet).  Even though she was scared of humans, she will let me touch and pet her now.  She has also learned a bunch of tricks like beg, sit, jump, and is really good at it.  She and my male cat, Arnold, are great buddies that do everything together--play, sleep, eat. 

Around my home, it is common-sight to see dead cats on the road, strays or barn cats roaming around, loose dogs, etc.  One time we found a dead cat in a pillowcase on our road.  I do not understand how someone could do something so cruel--it is heart breaking.  Because of other people this (among other dangers) my 3 cats only go outside in their carriers or on a harness.

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« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2009, 01:25:12 pm »

Your kitties are beautiful.  I love cats!  I had one named Frosty growing up.  Hubby is allergic to cats though, so no cats for us.  Well unless he really pisses me off.  jk ;)
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« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2009, 04:41:43 pm »

Cute cats though i am not much of a cat lover!  Mom had to get rid of her two cats prior to us moving together as I too am allergic and my son.  I still feel bad for mom having to give her babies up for me! :-[
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