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new toys

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Author Topic: new toys  (Read 520 times)
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« on: August 08, 2010, 04:51:37 pm »

 laugh laffhrd  ya'll had me rolling as i read... laffhrd
thanks very much on the compliments.  smile3 i was pretty proud of myself.   and the fiddies loved the ones i showed them. i kinda stick to one style for each bird cause that's their favs. twiggy loves hanging rope she can nibble with thin wood she can whittle. marley loves anything he can hang off, and absolutely adores the finger traps. i have bought 60 in the last few months and he is going through them like crazy! i think i have about 15 left. skittles likes things that hang that he can pull up and hold while he chews or things he can beat the snot out of.  he's lazy too, he prefers soft wood.  dmblaf  because it's often the same style, i'm getting pretty good at it. i did put a few together, decide they werent practical, and took them apart to start over. i also look in the birdie catalogues and shamelessly steal ideas.  :oopse5:   i love my bolt cutters , they really come in handy w the chains.

wishy, it would probably help some...but i dont have a table. we eat at tv trays in the livingroom. i do have one buffet style table that folds up, its in storage, but it only comes out when i have huge sewing projects or family get togethers...but i dont have enough family left to need it!  lol  Drew is around 5'10" i think. he's quite a bit taller than me. if you stand and watch him, you can see him grow!  dmblaf  He doesnt fear me so to speak, but he wont push me too far. if i start cussing, he backs off. it means mom's lost her temper and there's no telling what she'll do.  dmblaf  I'm not a black belt, but i very much believe in equalizers. the one physical fight i've ever had with Jess, Drew almost killed her for touching me. NO ONE touches his momma. He gets all the outside work, and most of the 'tall' work. and anything i'm not strong enough to do. and , yeah, the fiddies love their toys.

jades, that would be my chubby knee. it was swelled up from crawling around too much.  lol

zim, if i hold skittles so he's looking me in the eye, his tail touches my knee!

it always tickles kids to death when the realize i'm am adult and they're taller than me.  lol  usually once they hit puberty they shoot over me. they also seem to trust and respect me more too.  when i worked at mcd's, the teen boys would come in on the weekends looking to stir up trouble. i'd storm out to the lobby and fuss at them. they always straightened up with no lip...not to my face anyway.  dmblaf  i always say i'm not smart enough to be afraid.  dmblaf  i went toe to toe with 6ft2,  260lbs for 16 yrs, nothing can scare me.  lol
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