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Rodney's Blog--BilboMisty

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Author Topic: Rodney's Blog--BilboMisty  (Read 178 times)
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« on: March 28, 2010, 02:03:06 am »

Well, mom took me out 2 DAYS in a ROW!! On the 26th, I went to the city with her, and it was FUN! I got to meet a LOT of new people! Everywhere I went, I made people smile.  :twirl:
When we went to "Wal-Mart" that evening, me and momma had a crowd of 15 around us! Talk about a lot of PEOPLE! Momma passed me from person to person, all with big smiles. Goofy humans... Anyways, all different types of people held me, and tried to pet me on my back..NO WAY!! I HATE my back being touched. I don't even let MOMMA pet me on my back! I let her give me scritches SOMETIMES! But NO BACK!! I always like going to walmart. Everyone is nice there, and I get TREATS afterwards! TREATS!! MMMM!!! SO, the way I figure it, I let those stupid humans hold me, and I get a treat. And momma says I'M TRAINED?? I think NOT! She's the one thats trained! Now, for the REST of the world!  devilwink  :whip: madst

On the 27th, we went to the mall. I got to mee "Bob the Bird", a "Harlequin Macaw" as momma calls him. He is BIG!! His cage looks so much fun, but he won't let me near it! Selfish much? I want some seeds too ya know? And momma says she doesn't want me climbing on his cage either. Jeez! What has the world come to? I can't even go play with other BIRDS?? PFFT! madst

And I saw more BUDGIES!! Good GOD! I already have to deal with ONE at home, and finding out there's MORE of them? UGH! They are nothing but little pests. But momma loves him...I dunno WHY, but she does.  think
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