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Fire Water!

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Author Topic: Fire Water!  (Read 149 times)
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« on: November 13, 2012, 03:22:20 am »

Boudreaux and Trosclaire were a couple of drinking buddies who
worked as aircraft mechanics at De Bayou Teche, Louisiana
International Airport.

One day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the
hanger with nothing to do. Boudreaux say, "Man, I wish we had
somethin' to drink!"

Trosclaire say, "Me too. Ya' know, I've been told you can drink
de jet fuel and get a buzz."

So dey pour demselves a couple of Jet A and get completely smashed.
De next morning Boudreaux wake himsef' up and is surprise at how
good he feel. In fact, he feel GREAT! No hangover! No bad side effects.

Nuttin'! Then de phone ring. It's Trosclaire.

Trosclaire say, "Hey, how you are this mornin'?" Boudreaux say, "Man
I feel great, how 'bout you?"

Trosclaire say, "I feel great too." "You don' have no hangover?"

Boudreaux say, "No, dat jet fuel is great stuff...no hangover, nuttin'."
"We ought to do dis more often."

Trosclaire say, "Yeah, well dey's just one t'ing."

"What's dat?"

"Have you passed gas yet?"

Boudreaux say, "No, why?"

"Well, DON"T!!...cause I started out in me toilet dis mornin', an' now I be in Shreveport!" :oopse5:
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 10:24:46 am »

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