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Flight training

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Author Topic: Flight training  (Read 193 times)
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« on: September 21, 2011, 07:30:01 pm »

With my warning already posted I'll suggest some things. Get a book on clicker training and read it, then put it into practice. Click, then gently toss your bird into the air so that it flies. Do this untill the bird flies when you click. Then start calling the bird to you when you click. Use praise or treats, ALWAYS end each session on a good note (even if that means you click and they chirp), stay calm and never start when you are agitated or upset. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIRDS OUTDOORS WITHOUT A HARNESS!!

Once you get the bird to fly to you on command bring in branches. Start with no leaves and progress to branches with leaves.They will be afraid of whatever you bring into the house, so do not try to use it right away. Eventually they will explore it on their own, this is when you start training.    I'm not talking about twigs here, I'm talking saplings. If your bird gets out it won't go to land on a twig, it will land as close to the trunk of the tree and as high as it can fly to. If your birds are small crows will notice them right away and start to attack them, this will attract gulls and any bird of prey in the area along with cats. I'm not saying this to scare you, it's something you must be aware of. You MUST be aware of what is in the area when you start the bird on his way down to you. Most birds will work their way down from a tree in increments, working away from the trunk and out and down at the same time. Work hard at recall training from "trees" in full leaf as it will encourage them to fly directly down to you without stopping. You can get planters on wheels from Wal-Mat, put your "tree" in the planter and fill with rocks, now you have an up-right "tree" to work from. These trees also make goo playgyms and foraging "toys" the birds will strip the leaves, and the bark. Just make sure you use bird safe trees. If you need a list let me know.   
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