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Title: first real outing
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on March 30, 2011, 02:36:02 pm
yup! skittles and i have passed another milestone. going bye bye in the car with the harness on. he did quite well, but was scared of the perch i put in the front seat. road the whole time on my right shoulder. he did very well, didnt panic. tho, when i first put the car in reverse to get out of the driveway, it scared the poo outta him.... literally. lol! but we went to walgreens, where i work, for about an hour and a half. he really liked my boss, even had a fit when my boss went back to work! lol! flapping and squwaking, even got a little bit of liftoff. lol! he spoke to lots of people, had a blast, had his picture taken with a lady who was truly impressed with him. he finally got comfortable enough to play towards the end of our visit. then we went for a ride across the street to a friend of mine's package shipping store. he got even more comfy there, cuddling up with me and letting me give him lots of scritches. finally after 2 1/2 hours of being out visiting he was definitely tired. so we headed home. its really storming here pretty bad, but it was still really fun. after we got home he was pretty good about the harness removal. he and i are both getting better at it. he is currently up on his swing resting but not napping. i expected him to go right to sleep after all this stimulation. it was definitely a very successful trip, tho. i'm really excited that he and i can go places now. it wont be long before its old news to him and i'm sure he'll start sitting on his riding perch while we go places. OH! i almost forgot. a lady from the local humane society was at walgreens and she asked me about bringing him out to some of their fund raising functions for pictures and such. i told her he's still not friendly with strangers who get too close to his personal bubble. she said "that's okay, they wouldnt have to touch him. i'm sure people would love to just see him and get a picture with him on a perch next to them." so i told her i'd try to stop by sometime and that she could contact me at walgreens if they plan a function before i make it by. i also had a lady from hospice ask me about bringing him up for the patients to see him and talk to him.
so overall, it was a very promising outing. i think he and i are gonna have lots more outings! <grin>

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: Sondra on March 30, 2011, 02:38:44 pm
 :thumb:  Awesome!!

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: BilboMisty on March 30, 2011, 03:46:13 pm
that's AWESOME! Therapy bird #2! See, i TOLD ya'll parrot can be therapy animals!

Even though he doesn't want anyone in his personal bubble yet, he will get used to it soon. The more you take him out, the more comfortable he will get. Rodney was iffy at first too, but then he SHINED! Keep it up tozie!

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: wishforabird on March 30, 2011, 04:12:36 pm
Tozie I am so proud of you!! it is our next Cocoa!!!

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: Debz on March 30, 2011, 07:53:27 pm
wonderful! VERY EXCITING! OOPS...CAP LOCKKKK...sorry for shouting.. :oopse5:

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: Ditty on March 31, 2011, 01:36:23 am
That is so cool!  More outings = more fun (time for him to show off ) 
So what did ya put in the car for a perch?

Title: Re: first real outing
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on March 31, 2011, 08:23:03 am
i have this 12 inch tall table perch i made from a piece of dowel rod, a sqare of wood for a platform and a pedistal of wood. its cheap, ugly, and practical. i laid the seat down and wedged the base in the gap between the seat and the back.... but he wouldnt touch it til the trip was half over! lol!  i have a pic of the one they sell at dr fosters and all the pvc, gonna make one.... soon. <grin>

i'm hoping this horrible string of storms are gonna be over today. it sooo sucks.,