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Title: Eclectus Parrot Training
Post by: Rajulama on December 29, 2010, 07:04:00 am
I have an eclectus parrot (http://www.birdtricks.com/eclectus-parrot.html)  and its name is Angel. It's of 5 months old, I have tried to train my parrot, but still no luck with it. It's annoying since, every time I'm about to feed the parrot, it bite. My parrot screams a lot whenever I put it in the cage, have to let it out, but when I let it out it flies recklessly inside the room and does potty. Sometime I feel like, why I have the parrot. I like parrots, but the behavior is annoying. So, can anyone can give me a useful tip to have control over it? Type or paste your English text here and click on the "Check Text" button.

Title: Re: Eclectus Parrot Training
Post by: Sondra on December 29, 2010, 08:42:25 am
You ekkie is still a baby. Is it weaned yet? I would give him warm, soft food in the evening to help him sleep. He is not biting you persay, he is trying to get to his food and hasn't learned what gentle means yet, he does not know he is hurting you - have patience, be gentle.
Your baby is still learning how to fly and will be reckless until he has learned to control his wings, just as a human baby needs to learn how to walk. If you are taking your baby out of his cage you are teaching him that if he screams he will get what he wants. Teach him how to forage. Take small boxes, or coffee filters and place food in them, tie closed with a strip of leather or plam leaf and place in his cage, you may have to teach him how to forage. Poke holes in them so he can see what is in there. Give him toys to play with and birdsafe wood to chew on. Have patience, never hit him as you will reinforce bad behaviour. Screaming and yelling will get you no where, and also reinforces bad behaviour, use much praise and ALWAYS end training on a positive note. Poop, well that goes with owning a bird. They poop on you and everything around them. Teaching a bird to poop on command can lead to a serious condition call prolapse cloaca because the bird is so eager to please it strains too much.   

Title: Re: Eclectus Parrot Training
Post by: BuffaloParrot on December 29, 2010, 10:13:53 am

Title: Re: Eclectus Parrot Training
Post by: Sondra on December 29, 2010, 10:21:17 am
Shizzzzzzzzzzzz, I tried!