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Title: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: BPMar on December 06, 2010, 06:15:04 am
 :slaph: Well I just did my annual (or is it bi-annual) pellet ordering!  Good time to do it, right at holiday time!  :ugstpd:
I searched for sooooooooo long to find the best prices and free shipping.  I ended up going with PetSolutions and PetCo.  The only thing I did not get in bulk (but multiple bags) was the micro pellets.  Kaytee does not carry it in bulk bags.  But I finally did get the Kaytee Fiesta Max for our little guys in 25 pounds and a few bags (of something new!) Kaytee exact natural with veggies!....along with the 25 pounds-ish of Kaytee rainbow, PrettyBird and Zupreem.  I got free shipping with both orders.  I recall checking Dr.s F&S and on some things the prices were almost $10 higher! and the other places that charge full shipping would be a fortune....how can some places offer the free shipping and other's not???
Hopefully this will last...at least 6 months!  :twirl:

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on December 06, 2010, 08:45:31 am
wow! that's alot of bird food! i get the small bags but i dont have nearly as many fids as ya'll do. and then ollie and twiggy are part of the anti-pellet community.  :slaph: 

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: BrilliantFids on December 06, 2010, 10:21:13 am
Pellet prices are nuts anymore. We go through 10 pounds of Zurpreem natural in 3 weeks, along with 8 pounds of fruit zupreem. Then the little fids go through 25 pounds of seed in about 2 months.

Add that to my dog food at 5 pounds every 2 weeks, guinea pig food at 4 pounds a month, rat food at...idk his food is all human grade stuff mixed.

Then the pig alone eats at least $30 in fresh food a month  :bugeye:

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: macawlover2 on December 06, 2010, 11:37:35 am
Wow, that's a lot of food :O

In case anyone hasn't heard of it, I highly recommend checking out bulkbirdfood.com because they have pretty good prices (I always get the 20 pounds of large parrot natural Zupreem for $32). Can't remember their shipping prices, but I'm pretty sure it's free for orders over $100. Idk, they have a lot of good brands...

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: BPMar on December 06, 2010, 11:44:21 am
 :thumb: That is one place I looked!  I don't recall why I didn't order there...I am thinking they didn't have something in bulk I needed,  :dmblaf:I know it says bulkbirdfoods...
It is alot of food..it all gets broken down and stored in these....huge heavy duty ziplock like bags.  Yeah with all our flock it's too much bs to go to the store so much and much more expensive that way.
BF....pig as in Guinea...or do you have a piggie-piggie...pot belly????!!!!!

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: BrilliantFids on December 06, 2010, 12:35:20 pm
Guinea pig lol. Shane has a dream of having a pot belly some day though  :dknow:

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: BuffaloParrot on December 06, 2010, 04:26:28 pm
It is a lot, but we do have a damn army of parrots living under our roof :headhammer:

Title: Re: Just ordered pellets!
Post by: Mi Amore on December 07, 2010, 12:11:58 am
if you want to talk how often i have to buy food here.... i go through 4lbs of dog food every other day.(have just 2 dogs) i go through about 1lb of rabbit food every other day with 2 dwarf rabbits about 1 lb of chinchilla food every other day(3 chins one is a foster) bout 2lbs of food a week for 2 finch and 2 budgies,a lb a week for green cheeks,a lb a week for lovie and qp. about 2lbs a week of mix for my 4 rats.  we feed kaytee fruit pellets for green cheeks plus fresh stuff. tropi mix for qp and lovie.(fresh stuff as well) l'avian seed and pellet mix for finch and budgies. my dogs have to have organic dog food as they both have skin issues and allergies. my rabbits have a special food thats now organic(50lbs for 16 dollars isnt bad) chinchilla food is 25 lbs for 19 dollars. rat food is a mix of blocks,pellets and goodies. they all get fresh stuff except budgies and finch we try they wont touch it. even the dogs get fruit and veggies. mine go nuts on green beans and cranberries oh and dried fruit to. they love what the fids eat... geeze i wonder if dogs can eat a bird food diet. :lickit: :think: