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Title: Zuri you funny girl
Post by: Ditty on November 01, 2010, 08:27:02 pm
Zuri is a great bird but she does buck me occasionally when i do training with her, it is only the first or second time then that is it.  Well today at first she decided to threaten me with her beak, she bit pretty hard, enough to break skin and thought that I would stop.  Should have seen the look in her eyes when I went back for more and told her again to step up.  You could tell she was PISSED like why are you not running away?! So she nipped as she reluctantly stepped up.  i laughed to myself and said, yeah i am real afraid of your beak silly girl, have you SEEN your brother?!  Seriously?!  Then I brought her over for playtime and she gave me a big kissy. :kiss2:  Guess she was sorry she bit me haha.  Goof.
 She has not bitten me in a long while, dunno what made her bite today.  Just did not want to do step ups I guess.  Was not in the mood maybe.  She stepped right up to me when i asked her if she wanted to come over and play.  But then when i asked her to step up again she bit me.  So I am guessing she just was not in the mood.(my bad it has been a few days  :hmm:)  So I only made her do the one because otherwise she would have won that little game. lol

Title: Re: Zuri you funny girl
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on November 01, 2010, 08:33:45 pm
awww, grouchy little girl! lol! at least ya'll ended on a positive note. i guess we all have our days when we just dont wanna do what we're supposed to. its a woman's perogative. <grin> yeah i though the same thing about beaks too. i told ollie he doesnt impress me! of course i was lying! lol! he hurt! <grin>

Title: Re: Zuri you funny girl
Post by: Debz on November 01, 2010, 08:40:53 pm
 wee spit fire!  Mom got the last laugh anyway. :lickit: