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Title: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: BrokenWing on June 06, 2010, 11:32:32 pm

I am BrokenWing, I fight for those that can't fight fer themselves, if you wish not to be my friend....close the damn door on yer way out!

The door was closed again today on companion animals by the great nation of RED WHITE AND BLUE, all fer RIGHTS AND FREEDOM!....and another fatal shot was given to a ANIMAL...a former COMPANION...does this sound HARSH?????....find a mirror!

 Here is my logical solution.
I used to do dog and cat rescue and I have thought this over for many years.

I think the "dog limit" should be raised by 1 or even 2 nationally and that would help ALOT.They complain there are too many in the shelter but limit how many you can have which also puts strain on rescue groups because of the dog limits they ... See Morewind up spending copious amounts of money on boarding or have to shuffle the dogs/cats around to various volunteers until they are adopted. There are many people in the world capable of taking in one more dog or cat but they are "not allowed" becuase of the dog limit.I know there are some irresponsible dog and cats owners out there but why make the responsible people pay for their mistakes?It's like saying "I have a tooth ache" and a dentist saying"I will help you for free" And a 3rd party steps in and say"you might eat more sugar and get more cavities down the road so I won't let that man help you,you'll just have to suffer" They should just raise the dog/cat limit and make spaying and neutering absolutely mandatory in every state meaning violators will be fined and watch the shelter population decrease significantly.With the lives and money they'd save across the board you'd think they'd jump on the idea.Instead dogs and cats are being put to sleep needlessly.
I wrote congress and proposed this very idea and got nowhere.Maybe some day someone some where will listen.

BrokenWings Reply!
And in the meantime....they continue to come in from careless breeding, sorry luv...raising the limit of animals one can keep is not an answer....Another shelter is born...all rescues endure finacial strain...one closes down...another opens....and another LOGICAL answer is offered....
Lets put a bottom line price on ANY companion animal...weather ... snake or Bird...$600.00...and stricter laws on BREEDERS....then...and only then will there suffering end!
Even $400.00...would take there lives out of the MANY"S hands.....
As I have said...it all comes down to the bitter end...rights and freedom to do anything we humans want to animals...and those rights and freedom will be PROTECTED....at all costs...

The Opinion!
I agree about putting a high price.Then people will think twice before taking in something they will not care for.
They will think twice before dumping them off too.

BrokenWings Reply!
lUV YER WAY SWEETHEART....Thank you for yer words to me....

BrokenWings Opinion!
In the time it took "we" to talk about this issue 300 or more former companion animals were killed here in the USA!


BrokenWing...aka Arty J Tovar

Title: Re: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: Jadesmom on June 07, 2010, 09:20:37 am
A life lesson I have learned. You can LEAD people anywhere, but the minute you try to PUSH, they dig their feet in and stand firm. Think about it....

Title: Re: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: looniebirds on June 07, 2010, 10:07:18 am
I understand the theory of making the price higher, it would make to some people the animal being more "dear" so to speak, and the heart of many folks is in money and protecting their "investment".  But, on the other hand, if having an animal involves something too costly initially, how many folks these days could opt to do so?  It would place the animals in the care of the "rich" only.  You don't have to be rich to love an animal and take proper care of it.  We must think of all the animals who would languish in shelters because they simply can't afford the adoption fees.  The answer lies in mandatory spaying and neutering, I think.  And breeders of all companion animals [including birds, in which the spay/neuter is not an option] must be licensed and undergo a scrupulous and rigorous evaluation to get said license.  Until all breeders are registered and are required to undergo rigorous inspections often, and meet revised [and I mean, really revised] standards, the cat, dog, bird and whatever mills will continue to do a booming business.

Some folk, for instance, think the sale and breeding of all pet birds should cease.  This not going to work, it will encourage more poaching and other illegal activity, because if someone has the money, they will get what they want.

The key I think is the government should get off their a$$ [note the $$, it was intentional] and set up more stringent guidelines for breeders period.  If you can't meet the standards, you better just "get out of the business" or change your act.  Of course this would mean less animals going into the consumer market.  So be it.

Title: Re: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: 2ndChanceJr on June 07, 2010, 10:38:32 am
I think the same rules for having a pet should apply as those that want to adopt a child. You should be investigated and evauated, if found unfit, than you may not buy a pet of any kind. Also mandatory spay/nueter must happen.

Title: Re: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: laquila on June 07, 2010, 03:19:35 pm
your right, I have 2 amazons that cant take care of anymore and for 2 years looking for good home, im stuck

Title: Re: Would you except me if I were different?
Post by: 2ndChanceJr on June 07, 2010, 04:20:11 pm
Where are you located? Are there any rescues in your area? There are a ton a people here that may know of someone that can help you?