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Title: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Nakia on July 15, 2015, 01:40:40 am
Next week when I get off work Tuesday morning at 06:00am I will be free of those razor wire fences for 20 days!!!!!  :ys: :woohoo: :bounce: "chick"

I put in for a 2 work cycle time off back in April and got it!!  :handshappy: :towel: :girl: It has been a couple of years since I have asked for 2 work cycles which with my regular time off mixed in between gives me 20 days.  :grin: I will be very happy to be home with my flock & wolf pack for awhile. And sleep as long as I like which will most likely still be my usual 3 to 5 hr naps like on work days.  :dmblaf:

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know I will get to be able to be on a little more during this time. Well, I do plan on tackling my "over stuffed" closet  :eek: :eek2: and clean the house thoroughly. Ok I'm already tired & wore out from just thinking about all that.  :faint: It has been a long time since I gave this place a very good cleaning.  :slaph: :roll: :groggy

See ya'll in a few days~~  :hugu: :grouphug:  :loveuk:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Pinkbirdy on July 15, 2015, 05:51:21 am
 :woohoo:  Have fun !!

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Sapphire on July 15, 2015, 07:21:12 am
 yy A whole 20 days off to do just as you like  "chick"

I will be away for 7 of the days you are off as it is visit Mum time again  :usofunny: I will still be around though as I will have my laptop  :clap:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Sondra on July 15, 2015, 07:52:01 am
 "chick" :woohoo: yy :bounce: "chick" :woohoo: yy :bounce:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Debra on July 16, 2015, 02:40:50 pm
I know exactly what you will be doing! And it will be none of what you mentioned! That flock of yours got a package and they expect you to do something with it!  rofl2

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Nakia on July 24, 2015, 02:20:24 am
Thanks Ladies!!  :hugu: Tow days have already gone by of my 20~~ :Oh: :sadboy3: ~~Doesn't take long for it to fly past~~unless I'm at work waiting for it!~~   :hmm: I swear this past week of work was the looongest one of my 9 1/2 yr career at the prison.   :faint: Didn't help that the water has been off for over 3 weeks due to multiple leaks~prison side & water company side~~   :roll:  Counting the transfer unit next door to us & our unit it is like shutting the water off from a small town~~ close to 6,000 people!!  :eek2: :eek:

Anyway, did take a mini trip Wed to Mustang, Oklahoma.  :lol1: So what is in Oklahoma interesting enough to go rush off to 1 day after vacation starts you quip?  :think: :confused: :dknow: Welll, I had to go pick up my "new to me" tapestry weaving loom.  :slaph: :2funny2: I have wanted one for a long time & found one close enough to drive to get it since it is super expensive to ship heavy critters like that.  :huh4:

Mustang is about 250 miles from us. I set it up to be there between 9 & 10am. Sooo, we leave our house at 2:30am partly so if we should have car trouble & partly because we have to take our pickup & the air conditioner doesn't work.  :sadboy3: And let me tell ya' summer has finally come visiting Texas!!!  :sweaten: We get to Mustang about 7am, I have to go to the restroom & we stop at a Lowes & mess around looking for a little bit killing time. Get bored & show up at the folks with the loom around 7:30am. They are up, they have an Alpaca farm.  :loveuk: Jerry falls "In Love" with Alpacas & now wants one, but they have to have company & he wants two!!  :shrug: Doesn't help that the lady says they have an over abundance of males & willing to sell a couple of them for $200.00 each. A big difference from the usual price of $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 for top fiber alpacas!!!  :jawdrop1: :slaph: :slaph: :faint: No we didn't bring one or two home~~YET!!!  :stupid1:

Nearly roasted coming home tho. It was over 100 degrees by the time we got in around 3pm.  :cry: Note to self~~next time wait til winter to find *LARGE WOODEN* items to drag home!

The loom we went to get in Mustang, OK.


My "Weaving Studio"  :dmblaf:

My 32" Ashford table loom I've had for several years.


My two spinning wheels~The front one I got recently~The back one is 40 yrs old I got 7 yrs ago in Oregon & was handmade in Kalispell, Montana by a retired forest ranger.

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Sapphire on July 24, 2015, 05:10:20 am
I love your weaving studio De  :thumb: You have some awesome equipment which all looks very complicated to use  :faint:

We will all be sitting here in anticipation waiting to see what creations you are going to make with all these looms and spinning wheels  :clap:

I have a feeling we are going to see a couple of Alpacas added to your zoo very soon  :usofunny:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Nakia on July 25, 2015, 02:16:16 pm
  :laugh: Oh I hope not too soon on the Alpacas!!' I truly don't need anymore critters to care for.  :faint:

Got the loom & both spinning wheels oiled all over~~wood and metal parts. Now tk wipe them all down. Next tbing on the agenda is to put new tie up cords & chains on the treadles & lams. Then I can start measuring the warp out and get it ready to beam and sley the heddles and reed. Eventually I will be ready to weave.  :dmblaf:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Sondra on July 26, 2015, 07:40:45 am
Is that a blanket on the photo of the loom? I LOVE the design!!
 :heart: :heart: :heart:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Nakia on August 15, 2015, 09:44:24 am
Sorry for the delay in answering here. Still having major issues with my internet service & our data going quick! Not like it did when Sprint tried to charge us for $500.00, but it isn't lasting for very long & I have not been on much at all anywhere!  :sadboy3: Since Sprint has stepped up their power out here to bring in 4G LTE abilities which does work much much better most of the time, it also makes the data use up faster! The metering on it has changed & within a few days our 12G is gone with much lass use. I used to put tons of photos on photobucket & then on to forums & FaceBook. I rarely put photos any place now. And I am not on hardly any anywhere now too. Jerry mainly stays on FB but he too has not been on mush at all & the data still goes fast on that WiFi when we are on it.

So for most of last month & this one too I have been using my cell phone for internet again. It has unlimited data & a 5" screen. Sooo, it is not the most pleasant way to visit online compared to my 27" monitor on my pc, but I don't want to pay overages to Sprint. Tried to get a company called Wi-Power to connect yesterday. Had to wait for a week & a half for a day we were off that they could come out. The guy checked his equipment for a connection & could never get a signal. They work off a tower and it happens to be cloer to the town that is farther away from us. Only 16 miles but there are a couple of rolling hills & trees blocking the signal. So that was a bust!  :cry:

Go online again to find if there is any hope for us & internet. Find short of dial up which we tried 5 yrs ago & couldn't get 1 pc to load up. No way I will deal with that again! I'll stick to my phone first!!!  :sadboy3: Find that there is only one company offering satellite service to us out here. That is HughesNet Gen4. I did go ahead & sign up to be connected to their service on Monday the 24th. Can't get unlimited like I would have had with Wi-Power. Hughes Net's best offer  for us is 20Gs a month, 10 anytime & 10 off peak hours which is when I'm on more than the other. We will still keep the Sprint WiFi for awhile just in case the satellite one does not work. Trouble is we will be stuck with Hughes for 2 yrs contract. All they offer even if we buy the equipment!  :pullhair: Didn't see any positive reviews using HughesNet, but when it is the only thing I can get I have to try.

Hopefully I can be back on more when I finally get this internet crap sorted out. Miss ya'll & love ya'll all very much!!!  :hugu: :heart: :grouphug:

Blanca when ever you are ready just send the photos. I'll get started on them.  :thumb: :hehe2:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: Nakia on August 15, 2015, 09:51:36 am
Is that a blanket on the photo of the loom? I LOVE the design!!
 :heart: :heart: :heart:

You must be talking about the black & white rug I was working on on my table loom. It was supposed to be a gift for a friend that used to work with me at the prison. But I never finished it, I put my loom in storage when I first got Roscoe & Angel. Needed the space for their big enclosure. Now they are to the side of my weaving studio in the old bedroom with wall opened.

It is a tapestry rug in the cow spot (Holstein) pattern. I was just randomly adding spots as I pleased and then I was going to add a southwest design in the center area. I may finish it anyway, but not to give as a gift any longer. Just to keep I guess. Thank you for asking about it.  :grin:

Title: Re: ~~Vacation Time For Me~~
Post by: jules on August 30, 2015, 02:42:31 pm
Wow you have a fantastic collection De, you're going to be busy, busy soon by the look of it  yy

Alot that technical talk went over my head, just the spinning part I got  :lol1: what a great hobby though  :thumb: