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Title: So Im weird :)
Post by: Pinkbirdy on April 27, 2015, 09:06:35 am
During work  I ran an errand [which was Petco ]. So of course I had birds on the brain . Im replacing perches and thinking who else need one . In front of my car was a person who had a bumper sticker that said "I love my Toos" . Which you never see around here  :grin: . I sat behind her at a light ,thinking shes a "Bird person" . I want to talk to her  :grin: . Im thinking how am I going to do this [I cant beep] that would be crazy  shk . So she was going the same place I was . She got in line at a drive thru [I decided to park]. I thought if I don't do this Im going to regret it. So I went up to her car and said "Not to be weird but  do you have a Cockatoo?" she said yes I have 4 [I said me too !!!!]. She had 10 parrots one was a Slender billed Too [that was neat]. I was able to finish the conversation "come see me im a Hairstylst". Used to having in depth conversations with people I don't know from my profession. Of course I love the look on my families face when I told them about my day  :grin:

Title: Re: So Im weird :)
Post by: Sondra on April 27, 2015, 11:31:23 am
I don't think you're weird! I used to do that to people all the time when I worked in the grocery industry. Then these people would tell their friends to come down and see me for advice - got one of our birds that way  :smile3:  It was funny because if they couldn't remember my name they would ask for the girl that has birds............should have seen the look on a new persons face, but luckily for me most of the staff knew who they were asking for. I think we were the only grocery store in town that had customers come in asking for the bird girl because they needed advice. LOL!

Title: Re: So Im weird :)
Post by: Nakia on April 27, 2015, 02:48:52 pm
Weird??? What's so weird about that?  :confused: :think: :dknow:   :sad8:

After all, you just stalked a strange lady. Chased her down, waited for your chance & pounced on her about her bumper sticker like a mountain lion enjoying a Prong Horn antelope dinner!  :eek2: :eek: :laffhrd: :laugh: :dmblaf:

Oh heavens I have to be worse than weird then if you are.  :slaph: I mean, I come from a normally "Friendly State".  :hi5: :smile3: :bounce: Unless I am just not feeling very well I will talk to anyone any time. Especially if I find that they share an animal/bird fetish as hopeless as mine.  :hehe2:

Not so much about my pets, probably cause I'm not advertising I have any at the time. But I am forever having folks in stores asking me if I can help them find an item or reach for something they can't get off a shelf. I often wonder, "Do I just have that look as if I work in every store I shop in?!"  :lol1: I never mind helping them if I can, but seriously I am not even dressed in the same colors as the employees are usually. The other day at Walmart I was checking myself out at the self check counter & a little old man (shhh~~I may be old, but my body hasn't convinced my mind of it~~) came up to me and asked if I could check him out meaning he thought I was working there & wanted to be checked out. An employee was walking behind him & told him the lady at a regular checkout could help & guided him there.  :huh4: :duh:

Weird Terri? Yep at least you & I are cause we think nothing of moving out furniture to fit just one more cage/enclosure so our birds can enjoy our company!  :ys: :hugu: :loveuk:

Title: Re: So Im weird :)
Post by: Sapphire on April 27, 2015, 04:02:34 pm
 :lol1: Terri. Your story has given me a laugh before I depart for bed  rofl2

I can just imagine you in hot pursuit of this lady with the Too's  :hehe2: Do I think you are strange? NO, I certainly do not. I have got chatting to many people with birds. I have never chased after one before, but, I think if I had have seen someone with a sticker in their car, I just may have done the same  :clap:

Non bird people think us bird people are all strange anyway  :pink: