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Title: Bird supply prices
Post by: Pinkbirdy on March 29, 2015, 07:42:27 pm
Just sharing cause im irritated. Went to my one  bird store  [that's 45 minutes away].So I don't get there much. Used to be my most favorite place in the world . I wanted my own "Birds Unlimited " at my house. I went there and cant believe the mark up on his stuff. I used to go in there and spend hundreds . The owner knows this too. Seems excited when he sees me. Now Im so turned off I only get what I cant make. I should thank him because Ive leaned to make my own bird toys and food . I don't want a pet store to own me. Its ridiculous to think that the "Bird owner" will just have to pay it .  Because hes all their is.. My "Real Deals" I go to carries these leather bird toys for a dollar . I add stuff to them with zip ties. like plastic balls , ropes , straws and raw hide . I spent 38 dollars and made 24 toys . I bought 30 dollars in untreated pine last year  to reload my wood toys . I still have wood left. Im getting to do their spring cage remodel. I like them to have lots of new things . This way I know their cages are full of new things. I don't mind buying from a store too , If I find the right stuff. I notice a lot of sights on the internet getting higher and higher too, cant wait for my bird fair in June. (http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh522/terris526/DSCN2014_zpsprgek26v.jpg) (http://s1250.photobucket.com/user/terris526/media/DSCN2014_zpsprgek26v.jpg.html)

Title: Re: Bird supply prices
Post by: Nakia on March 30, 2015, 02:49:53 am
I know how you feel about the outrageous  prices set on store bought bird toys!  :faint: I have either a Petsmart  or a local pet store to buy from. Both command a King's ransom to get one single toy proper for  a  macaw.  Ordering online is not much better anymore for the big kids toys.  :cry:

I make my own as well and scoop up any suitable toy parts that I find lying on the cage floor. My biggest problem in keeping toys available  for my macaws is their ability to rip the darn thing off the wire and toss it to the floor in a matter of mins and no chewing of it.  :Oh:

I have even used heavy wire and twisted the end that attaches to the enclosure wire. Roscoe & Angel have the ability to fiddle with it & unwind it so they can toss it down.  :hair:

I don't mind that they get pleasure doing this. I am frustrated  by the fact that the toys do them no good lying silent on the cage floor within an hour of hanging them. And the boys are looking at me wondering if I am going to bring more for them to throw down again.  :sad8: I only have so much time to spend catering to the rascals a day!!  :lol1:

Title: Re: Bird supply prices
Post by: Sondra on March 30, 2015, 07:56:23 am
I hit up Big Lots and have been fortunate enough to find bird toy kits for a dollar or two, they sell them online for 15-20 dollars.  :grin: I scoop them up when I see them!
Hubby makes the toys, we seem to have a never ending supply of wood chunks!

Title: Re: Bird supply prices
Post by: Pinkbirdy on March 30, 2015, 10:11:10 am
Im checking out Big Lots  :smile3:

Title: Re: Bird supply prices
Post by: jules on March 30, 2015, 04:57:56 pm
I'm the same, there are no decent pet stores near me so I have to order online, or I look in charity shops or for baby toys in the sales. Thanks to Jaspers secret Santa and winning a prize in a fun lottery draw last month, Jasper had plenty of toys to last her for years. Oh and Kat, whom is Seeley's mum bought Jasper a huge toy with wooden bits and ropes to chew on.  :woohoo: