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Title: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Nakia on March 10, 2015, 04:31:50 am
Yep another one!!!  :lol1: This is Phoenix Foxy Fire Dancer, my 10 week old female standard parti poodle. I just brought her home Sunday afternoon. Had to go to the east side of Dallas to meet her breeders to get her. They drove in from Arkansas to bring her that far to me. It was a long 250 mile trip up there & it rained on us the whole way. Poor Phoenix had an even longer ride counting coming about the same distance the other way.

I was actually not looking to add another dog to my 'wolf pack'. As some of ya'll know back in Jan my oldest toy poodle disappeared from my front yard. I have not seen or heard anything about him since then. Well my last morning at work this past Friday I was snooping in the Dallas CL just to kill time before I was relieved & could go home. I'm scrolling through and looking at a few listings & then I saw it~~An ad for parti colored standard poodles.

Now I have always wanted a standard parti poodle, but at the time I got my other 3 standard girls, there were none in my area to have. I maintained I would some day get my 'dream dog' and always held out hope that the right one would come along when I was able to get it. Sooo, I send the lady a text. She gets back with me a little later with the price and all. I have to think on it as it was a good bit more than I have ever paid for a dog so far! And while I am deciding if I truly want to get another dog her name just comes into my head. Then & there I I know she is the one I was meant to find & get.  :loveuk:

You may notice she has her full tail. Most poodles in the past have docked tails. all my other poodles have their tails docked by the breeder. But nowadays many breeders are choosing to not dock tails because it is considered barbaric and painful. AKC which she is registered under, as well as my other 3 girls, is allowing long tailed poodles to be shown now. And in Europe & other countries no breeders dock tails anymore. The USA & Canada are the only countries who still hold on to the thought of continuing docking. I don't mind her long tail a bit. The trend is to not dock ears on the breeds who are traditionally docked such as Dobermans & Miniature Pinchers now too for the same reasons. 

So here is ~~Phoenix Foxy Fire Dancer~~





Patches & Cheyenne checking out the new kid




Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Pinkbirdy on March 10, 2015, 06:05:54 am
She gorgeous !! I understand when you lose your loved pet how I long for another.Before this bird madness . I was looking into a Standard poodle. We ended up with a Cockapoo ,Cavapoo and Peekapoo. I like the smartness and temperament of the poodles.

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Sapphire on March 10, 2015, 09:29:59 am
Miss Phoenix firefox is adorable De  :heart: :heart: I was more or less with you all day on Sunday on your journey to pick her up and feel as if i know here already  :hehe2:

I love the last pic of her where she is looking all coy  :grin:

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Sondra on March 10, 2015, 02:00:37 pm
She is beautiful!!

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Nakia on March 18, 2015, 11:52:37 pm
Thanks Ladies!!  :hugu: Phoenix is doing great. She has fit right in from the beginning as if she was born here.  :loveuk:

The only thing I still need to work on with her is when she is on the bed & laying next to me, she wakes me up throwing her long legs all about & over me.  :hehe: She hasn't figured out that 4 days out of the 8 is "quiet sleep time with no movement" :dmblaf:

Terri if you ever want to go 'whole hog' and get a standard poodle you won't go wrong.  :ys: They are super dogs and definitely as smart as any dog can be!!  :heart:

Yep Wendy you were right there along the whole way with me thanks to the internet & viber.  :hugu:

Actually most of the way I had 3 different conversations going on at once during that trip.  :huh4: I was texting between Emily the breeder and  Marlene keeping her updated. And you on viber. My fingers were so tired by the time that long trip was over.  :sweaten: It's a wonder I kept my messages straight & didn't send crazy stuff to the wrong people!! :laffhrd: :faint:

Here are the update photos of Phoenix. And her name has grown a little. Marlene added her touch to it too. She is now officially known as Phoenix Foxy Fire Dancer Rising.  :grin:






Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Pinkbirdy on March 19, 2015, 05:58:16 am
Pretty dog   :grin:

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Sapphire on March 19, 2015, 02:01:50 pm
She certainly is adorable  :heart:

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: jules on March 19, 2015, 03:35:10 pm
Oh De, she is so cute, I love her colours and the name suits her I think  :heart:

Will you call her Foxy for short or Phoenix? She looks right at home with your other dogs   :hugu:

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Nakia on March 19, 2015, 11:08:19 pm
Thanks Jules. I call  her Phoenix. She already knows that's her name. She learned that 3 days after she came home.  :loveuk:

Phoenix is a sweet girl and already able to take care of her self among the 'wolf pack'. Her favorite way to play with  Patcheds is to grab a mouthful of ear hair & drag him around.  :dmblaf: 

Some of the other dogs don't like her, some ignore her, while Patches, Mikkwa & Cheyenne play with her.  :hugu:

Title: Re: ~~My New Girl~~
Post by: Nakia on April 30, 2015, 05:10:23 am
Thanks Blanca.  :hugu:

Phoenix is 4 1/2 months old now. I need to add new photos of her. Boy can she get dirty!  :Oh: She's like a little pig pen and that white fur shows every mud puddle she finds.  :dmblaf:

She's a chunky girl too. She weighed 21 lbs last month when I took her for her last shots. She feels like she weighs at least 25 or close to 30 lbs now!

A healthy eater indeed. And sweet as pie except when she's dragging poor Patches around by his ear fur. He's her personal live stuffed toy.  :slaph: I have to save him all the time.  :lol1: