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Title: Had to share
Post by: Pinkbirdy on December 02, 2014, 07:35:18 pm
This was Thanksgiving night . My daughter when she doesn't have school ,sleeps in the den and stays up late.At 1:30 in the morning she comes and gets us up . She told us someones knocking on the door and I don't see anyone in the driveway . We got right up and Dave went to see. He came back saying theirs this crazy religious lady [and that he asked her to leave]. She wouldn't [and did this continuous slow knock] . I was CREEPED OUT !!! . I called the police . They quickly came . I was glad because I wanted them to find her . So she wasnt at my neighbors or another part of my house . The cop was trying to coax her off the porch . Then she really wanted in my house !. Yelling ,pounding on the windows . They had to get another cop so the could carry her off the porch and to their car.I never found out what that was all about [the cops knew we didn't know her.Julia handled it well . Me I was freaked out for days . I don't always lock my side door [I do now]. I could just see her sitting in my kitchen when I come down in the morning  :eek2: Moral of my story LOCK YOUR DOORS  :smile3:

Title: Re: Had to share
Post by: Nakia on December 03, 2014, 04:47:24 am
Well!! Terri I have to say I was NOT very pleased with how you treated me when I came to visit you for Thanksgiving!  :lol1: :cry1: All I wanted to do was get in out of the cold, have some turkey & pie and see your birds!  :sadboy3: :cry: And instead you called the cops & let them drag me off like some old bag lady!!  :Oh: :slaph:

 :hehe: No it wasn't me~~I would have called first & told you I was barging in!  :dmblaf:

Geez, that would be a definite creepy thing to happen.  :eek: Wonder where she came from, er escaped from and if the cops managed to find out what she was all about.  :loco6: :sad8:

Glad she wasn't able to get in before you knew she was there and you did find her inside.  :faint: 

Title: Re: Had to share
Post by: Pinkbirdy on December 03, 2014, 06:17:35 am
 :lol1: De'andrea

Title: Re: Had to share
Post by: Pinkbirdy on December 03, 2014, 06:22:41 am
I was asking Dave why are house . He said it was because she must have heard how crazy I was :dknow:

Title: Re: Had to share
Post by: jules on December 06, 2014, 11:21:04 am
Good grief, kind of feel sorry for the woman in a way. Could she have dementia or be homeless, or maybe even she used to live at your house Terri?

It would have scared me too but a shame when people are like this  :hugu: