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Title: babies i left behind :(
Post by: lorek on January 04, 2009, 02:15:31 pm
i wanted to share some pics of some babies i had right before i moved.  my sweetest girl, the hahns, was sold to a guy i did not approve of but could not prevent (i tried everything i could), the sunny was sold too, but both my dusky's were still there... miss them all... i get far too attached to our parrots at work.

my baby whom i wish i could have bought...  i named her sophie from a members bird... i love this bird so much... i regret not being able to offer her a place in my house

our little sunny who spent many months with us... sahara was her name and she was a DOLL... seriously the most well socialized sun conure i have EVER met.

dusty, our first dusky conure, who we recieved in bad shape from the breeder due to an unknown bacterial problem with their water.  luckily they were able to get it fixed quickly and dusty made a long but good recovery! :)  a sweet bird and very quiet for a conure.  he was undergoing a MAJOR molt when these pics were taken... i personally believe it was an effort to gain back a nice set of feathers since he was so stressed the first time around.

and lastly... our unnamed baby dusky nicknamed sweetpea.  

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: BuffaloParrot on January 04, 2009, 02:42:03 pm
They sure were beautiful :(

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: BPMar on January 04, 2009, 04:49:12 pm
Those were beautiful photos, too bad stores can't have some regulations on who they sell too.  I would be attached too!

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: BrilliantFids on January 04, 2009, 07:57:07 pm
Awww they look so sweet! Im sorry you couldnt bring Sophie into your life, she would of had a great home with you!

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: zimbasmom on January 04, 2009, 11:14:33 pm
It must be very hard to work at a pet store and get attached and then have to say goodbye...I don't think I could do it.

What are you doing now at your new place?

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: lorek on January 05, 2009, 11:30:38 am
zimba i am doing the same job (though hopefully this thurs i get a promotion to assistant manager) at a new petco.  one benefit of a chain store.  and for the most part the managers i have dealt with do have personal regulations on who we sell to, but my last store i had a real jerk of a manager who came from walmart could care less about pets and only wanted money so he didn't give a **** what they were like... i hated it and am so glad to be gone of that.  :( 

and yes you would think it is hard... but in the two + years i have been doing it i have only been miserable with 1 sale and dissappointed in two others (all 3 of which i was not around for).  sure its hard but it just makes it my personal goal to make sure each one goes to the best home available.   i have turned many people down.  we are allowed.  usually it just depends how much the people push the issue.  i know at my store when i was bird specialist the fellow associates would tell people that if i wasnt' working they couldnt' sell a bird until they came back and saw me and talked with me.  in the end its more rewarding to see the people who come back religiously and you build your own network of people who have a great interest and want to learn more and more and what is best.  that is what makes it possible. 

i am all for rescues sure don't get me wrong... but i do enjoy my  job.

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: lorek on January 05, 2009, 11:34:55 am
and thanks bfids... i really loved that bird and she loved me... :(   it was good that i left shortly after that... it wouldnt' have been pretty if i had to stay there.  if i knew how to get pics off my phone i could show you a few more of her... she was my sweetie.  oh well... i will someday own one... but that little hahns was just the sweetest bird.  she came in with a sister who stayed at the neighboring store... and it was just night and day between the two.  i still pray for her every night... :(

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: zimbasmom on January 05, 2009, 12:06:18 pm
Well that is good that you supervise and educate people before they can take a bird home, good luck hope you get the promotion!

And I do understand how you fell about leaving some birds behind is it so easy to get attached even when you try not to, I know I have talked about my old job and the birds there that I loved so much..I still miss them and think about them often. I talk to my old boss every couple of weeks so I get to check up on them and hear about what is going on and I'm sure you guys are getting sick of me talking about them but it was a dream job for me.

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: BuffaloParrot on January 05, 2009, 05:09:51 pm
Though I am not a huge fan of chain pet stores or many others for that matter, it is a great thing you are there to help the Parrots there, and to educate potential buyers. ;)  I was at a Petco once, and watched as a customer ask an employee what else the Parrots ate, etc.  She replied...  I really don't know!  I have dogs.  I actually pulled her aside and told her everything I knew in a short time.  She seemed thankful, and VERY surprised with all the aspects on owning and keeping a happy and healthy Parrot.  I hope it worked, and at least someone their can have some knowledge with these guys. :-\  These places should at the very least provide some kinda knowledge to their employees on the care of what animals they sell...

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: lorek on January 05, 2009, 07:09:29 pm
well i definitely agree... but it is more a matter of caring i think... we DO have the training... and its decent... but if you have no interest in learning its not very useful... right?  ah well... that's where the whole push for my own lil petstore comes in :D  i wanna work with a rescue to find good new homes and still sell the fun parrot stuff while educating the public :) :) :)

Title: Re: babies i left behind :(
Post by: Mod Eric on January 23, 2009, 11:16:24 pm
WOW those sunnies sure are beautiful. No wonder dad wants one so bad...