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Title: A farewell and wishing this place prosperity
Post by: BuffaloParrot on May 26, 2014, 07:41:35 pm
There are many new faces here and this is good.  Many of you here now do not know me and some of you here do.  With that said, I must announce this is my last post here on this once thriving and now reborn forum.  I will delete my account after I have shared this last post.  For many that do not know me I founded this great place along with my son ModEric, my Wife BPMar and the other founding fathers such as thetim53, Debz, Looniebirds, Brilliantfids, Lorek and others.  We seeked refuge from the birdchannel forum that did not seem to care that we felt as though we could not speak our minds without walking on eggshells, similar to the refuge many of you newcomers came here now for.  I came to the realisation years ago that my time had come and gone concerning this place.  My purpose was fulfilled and then some.  Back then the community here did amazing things on all aspects of parrots regarding their care and well being not only in captivity but in nature and in the rescues etc.  This is not sad for me as my job is done here and I can only hope that the hard work my self and others put in here will continue on in the tradition of Buffalo Parrot and I trust that it will.  Before I leave I have one request.  Please do not delete any of thetim53's posts here.  He passed on years ago and he loved this place with all his heart and is a big piece of it's history.  He was Chief Advisor here.  I give my blessing to the new Administration here and I wish you all the luck in the world.  SQUAWK ON!  :metal: :rocker9: :rappin:     

Title: Re: A farewell and wishing this place prosperity
Post by: Ditty on May 27, 2014, 12:38:22 pm
 :thumb: :peace:
As I look at the page when it comes up with all those fids, Yoshi is the only one left here.  :(

Title: Re: A farewell and wishing this place prosperity
Post by: Sapphire on May 27, 2014, 01:01:05 pm
We are going to miss you Darren and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to bring BP back to a thriving forum again  :hugu: Please pop in and see us from time to time  :smile3:

D'Andrea, Myself and Debra will squawk on with all our lovely flock members  :laugh:

Title: Re: A farewell and wishing this place prosperity
Post by: jules on May 31, 2014, 11:03:13 am
sorry Darren that you felt your work was done here and have now left. if you get to read this, i'd like to say that i wish i'd found this forum years ago along with two others that i held close to my heart, which sadly have had to close. face book groups are just not quite the same, and i only hope that wendy along with help from others will keep this forum going from strength to strength   :clap:

Title: Re: A farewell and wishing this place prosperity
Post by: Nakia on May 31, 2014, 08:14:54 pm
Last week when I read Darren's 'Farewell' I couldn't get through it without balling my eyes out. It still chokes me up and always will. I felt like I would never see or hear from Darren & Mar again, but in reality they are very close friends of mine that I have not gotten the chance to meet yet, due to the distance we live from each other. But one day we will meet, Mar & I consider ourselves long lost sista's .

They are not gone at all. Darren and Mar are just gone from the pages of this wonderful forum they and the other founding members who came here with them created for folks like us who have come along years later. Us newbies here who still hold the flame of love, companionship, a dedication for our members of our flocks, feathered and non feathered, parrot and human alike. :hugu:

I came to this place in Jan of 2012 after reading a sweet invite on a macaw forum that was not very active from a member of both places. I fell in love with this place and everyone here. I felt like I was part of the family, not at all like the stranger I really was to the members here. It has always been a comforting place for me and I feel like I get a hug every time I log on. Darren, Mar and all the members I met in that first year treated me like a long lost kinfolk. :twirl:

When Wendy, Debra & I decided to venture out and start a forum of our own, Wendy asked me if I would contact Darren about getting this one more active, since I already a member here and knew him. I did and he told me we were more than welcome to carry on the torch. That's when I turned it all over to Wendy"s capable hands since she knows the inside & out of the forum world. And this place took off with her hard work and dedication along with all of our members, established and new in just a short couple of weeks. :thumb:

I will always hold a special place in my heart for Darren & Mar for creating this place and for allowing us three ladies to continue the hard work he and the other members here began for our feathered darlings, kept going through rough times in the parrot world and can still stop by here and enjoy for years to come. :grouphug: