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Title: How to teach the step up command!
Post by: Sapphire on May 23, 2014, 07:54:54 am
    Here is a very good article on teaching your bird the "step up command"
    I know we have quite a few members that have asked this question. Hopefully this will be helpful to them!

    "Step up" or just plain "Up" is the most important command you can teach your bird. The step-up command establishes you as the leader and is the basis for all other training. Pick either “Step up” or “Up” and stick with that Phrase for the rest of the training.

    Here are some techniques used to teach the Step up Comment to your bird;

    1. Choose the command you want to use, e.g. Step Up or Up. It should not be a question and should be short and sharp.

    2. Always make sure you have your bird's full attention. An area away from the cage is usually best, or a different room to the one he/she is familiar with. Make sure there are no distractions that could draw the bird's attention away from the training process.

    3. Hold your hand at the bird’s abdomen area above the feet and give the Step Up command. The bird should step up. If he/she doesn’t then try pressing lightly on the birds abdomen.

    4. When he/she does step up, make sure to give him/her lots of praise and a favourite treat (keep favorite treats only for training sessions). As he gets better at stepping up you can decrease the treats, but keep up the praising.

    5. Have him step from hand to hand to practice. But when it seems he is getting tired or losing concentration then stop but only at the next successful step up, Again give lots of praise, a treat, and then end the session.

    6. When it seems he has mastered the step up away from the cage you can start to practice it from on top of and inside the cage using the same techniques as above.


    1. Never get cross with your bird, always be positive.

    2. Keep the training sessions short at about 10 minutes each, but a few times a day where possible is the most effective method.

    3. Make sure you keep your hand steady. If your bird thinks your hand is unsteady he/she may be reluctant to step onto it.

    4. If the bird appears to be going to bite your hand, just relax, he/she could be just be testing to make sure your hand is steady and safe to step up onto. If he does bite firmly say “No biting!” and keep focused on the training. DO NOT SHOUT!!

    5.Lastly remember if training always ends in a negative outcome such as being returned to the cage, etc. your bird may start refusing to step up. Always Keep it fun and rewarding!!

Title: Re: How to teach the step up command!
Post by: Debra on May 23, 2014, 11:55:10 am
When Frankie flies off his cage and we go "rescue" him, we offer our hand and he says "step up, step up, good booooyyyyyy". He even says this when we have to rescue any other bird.  :lol: