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Title: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: BirdCrazy on February 14, 2013, 08:15:36 am
Hey all! My mother in law to be passed this article on to me this morning. Justin and my puppy, Flint, had a really bad reaction to his second round of shots. His whole face swelled up and every time you touched him (piper too, though her reaction was less), they both yelped as if it was hurting them. They moved around stiffly, like their joints were bothering them, and Flint had a fever.

Thankfully, benadryl took care of the worst of it, but it took him a good 3 days to recover. Now that we've read this article (it's not the first time I had heard of this, and it's happening in people too), we've decided our puppies are only going to be getting the bare minimum shots they need, and they'll be spaced out so as not to overload their system.

http://leerburg.com/vaccinosis.htm (http://leerburg.com/vaccinosis.htm)

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: Sondra on February 14, 2013, 08:38:59 am
We also had a dog who was allergic to vaccines, it was the medium that the vaccine was grown in that he was allergic to. Most drug manufacturers  grow vaccines in two mediums. I don't remember, but I think they use duck or horse to grow the vaccines. Ask if there is another vaccine you can give your puppy. Spacing out the vaccine won't help as the reactions only get worse, at least in our case. Not giving the vaccines is NOT an option as it leaves the animal open to a nasty death. Good luck.

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on February 14, 2013, 09:20:47 am
i did a huge amount of research when i got darla. all my research indicated that the 'first round' of vaccines are useless. the puppy still has the mother's antibodies so they are destroyed before they do any good. probably why your pups didnt react to the first round. so i refused to allow them to vaccinate darla at the generally accepted ages nor did i allow them to flood her system with too many boosters too close together. also, they dont need yearly boosters. most vaccines last for between 5 and 10 years. there are human vaccines that require boosters too, MMR comes to mind. i, personally, have had 4 boosters and at last check i'm STILL not immune. it seems my body wont 'accept' the vaccine. for whatever reason. have ya ever noticed how many vets give vaccines in the legs instead of the neck? is it so if a cancerous growth results, its more easily removed? idk. i've heard rumors this is the case.  i only give my dogs the rabies and the core vaccines, and then sparingly. now i dont do puppy play dates. i dont take them to public places where they encounter lots of other dogs. so that is an important consideration when choosing what to vaccinate against. also ALL of my research was on the net. well any yahoo can put up a web page with info, so finding both reliable sources and consistent information is key. watch for 'fads' and false info and definitely dont take MY word for it. research. extensive research and considering YOUR dog and YOUR lifestyle is important.

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: grey782163 on February 14, 2013, 10:03:49 am
you're right toz. The key to online research yielding accurate and true information is to use multiple collaborating sources at a minimum. Peer reviewed sources and the most reliable websites are your best sources for quallitative information

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: wishforabird on February 14, 2013, 10:17:30 am
I am lucky.  my vet is VERY conservative regarding vaccs and only gives him what he needs.  for example: for the rabies we space it out to 1/3 a dose for 3 visits, about 2 weeks apart.  that works very well for him.  (he is only 7 lbs)   I am very sorry this happened to your dog! I wonder is it the vaccine or the preservative they are reacting to or what?? no wonder everyone is wary of them anymore

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: Sondra on February 14, 2013, 10:53:08 am
Wishy, our vet did the same thing, spacing the vaccines apart. When our dogs got to be senior citizens (about 12) we didn't (don't) have them get vaccines. They don't go out except to go potty and aren't in the company of other dogs, so we feel it is no longer necessary for them to be given vaccines. Hooch is walked 3 times a day so she comes in contact with many people and other dogs so she will get her shots until she no longer is able to to go for walks.

I wouldn't let the Drs give my children vaccines until they were over a year old because I was concerned about reactions, both instant and long term. My GF can't get any shot that is made with horse serum, it must be made with duck serum or she has an anaphylactic reaction.

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: Ditty on February 14, 2013, 11:52:45 am
wow this is all interesting indeed.  I have never known a pup to be allergic.  And Toz your info is interesting too.  I wondered about momma's antibodies. 

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: BirdCrazy on February 14, 2013, 12:17:56 pm
Yea. It is scary. He won't be going back to the vet until he's 4 months old for his next shot. He really scared us. His eyes almost swelled shut, and he was panting. (As well as them acting like movement hurt and touch...)  They will get the bare minimum vaccines he needs, but they will be spaced out to give their systems time to adjust. Being that we will be taking Flint places with us, he will get the most needed vaccines. They just won't be on the same schedules as most other pets.

Title: Re: Interesting read regarding puppy vaccinations
Post by: Nakia on February 16, 2013, 03:49:13 am
I have read about allergies in dogs & vaccines before, several years ago in fact. Cats can be allergic to vaccines also & die from it. I was told that by the breeder I got mine & my son's Himalayan Persians from way back in the late 1980s. She said to be very careful about the vaccines & watch our kittens closely after a shot. I read a few years ago that poodles are one of the breeds that show an allergic reaction quite often to vaccines.

So far none of my poodles ever had any reactions. My oldest Shih Tzu did have a reaction to one of his booster vaccines when he was between 3 & 4 months old. That was back in 2003 & we were on the truck my hubby drove. We were not going to be home when he needed the booster, so they gave me the shot to give Chow Yun when it was time. I did & about an hour afterwards he began to cry & whine loudly & it clearly hurt in the area on his neck where I gave it to him. We were somewhere in PA. & I called my vet. immediately. I didn't get to talk to the vet. Instead, one of his techs spoke with me & said Chow Yun was just a 'cry baby' & it would be fine. I told her, "No, he is definitely in pain & it is caused from the shot!" She told me to come in & I said, "No can do, we are hundreds of mile away from Texas." She said to keep an eye on it (DUH!) & call them again if he showed sign of distress. He did ok, but it hurt him for over a day & I was ready to find a vet anywhere if it had gotten worse. Oh and I know I did not mess up on the shot. I know how to give shots, I used to give my horses their shots & I gave my son his allergy shots for the 4 yrs. he had to take them when he was little.

I now get the necessary shots they need when under a year & the rabies shots since Texas is one of the states it is prevalent in. But I do not get them booster shots every year like the vets. want them to have. Mine don't go anywhere around other dogs & I don't handle strange dogs, so I feel that they are better off with a few years break between vaccinations.