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Title: Eats?
Post by: Sondra on December 24, 2012, 05:21:10 pm
Do you have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner?  By that I mean a tradition you follow on Christmas Eve.
If you do What is it?

Do you do a Christams breakfast/brunch? What is it?

What are you having for Christmas Dinner?

Title: Re: Eats?
Post by: Sondra on December 24, 2012, 05:28:49 pm
I'll answer first

On Christmas Eve we have red meat, usually prime rib if I can afford it, some years it's chuck steak, baked or roast potatoes, veggie and a salad. If it's nice and we are having steaks we will grill them.

 On Christmas morning I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I started this when my kids were small & have done this for over 40 years.

We have a semi traditional Italian Christmas dinner, Lasagna, fish (fried smelts), salad, wine, garlic bread to dip in the wine. Hubs cooks this and if he knew how to do the squid we'd have that. (I can make an acceptable sauce, but nothing like his and I don't do smelts or squid as no-one ever taught me.   :dknow: )

Title: Re: Eats?
Post by: Nakia on December 24, 2012, 08:34:39 pm
When I used to have family to share Christmas with, before everyone died and my son move a million miles away we always had our big meal on Christmas Eve. We never celebrated on Christmas Day, rather we are leftovers & stayed home. As a child, my Mom & Grandparents didn't participate in the Santa Clause coming thing. We were taught that Santa wad Mom & Dad & the stuff we saw on t.v. was made up. I got in trouble in the 2nd grade for telling classmates Santa was really their parents.

Our traditional meal every year was a baked turkey stuffed with homemade cornbread dressing. My Grandma always cooked it very slowly overnight so by morning it was done & falling apart. I will be having Very juicy that way. The desserts which were lots of pies, & fruit kolaches  and cake were mostly cooked after the turkey was taken out. Most years we also had a big ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, corn & whatever else could be thought of. I didn't learn how to make giblets gravy til I was married from my Mom in law. Jerry loves it, but my family alway threw the giblets out to the dogs & made white gravy for the dressing.

I  will be having Christmas supper here at the prison unit tomorrow night, I work through Christmas & again through the New Year. It will be whatever coworkers decide to bring. It isn't bad usually  but I sorely miss the yummy smells & tasty holiday meals of my youth! No reason to fix such a meal for just two of us, unless you want to count the wolf pack & the feathered moochers. LOL

Title: Re: Eats?
Post by: BuffaloParrot on December 24, 2012, 10:50:03 pm
My strange and diverse family has always altered this holiday feast.  At times we have a turkey and ham.  Not one or the other but always both  :dknow:  At Mar's it was always just ham.  Then there were many times we would have homemade BBQ hamburgers and ordered out Buffalo BBQ chicken wings.  Always too many sides to list here.  Tonight?  Welp, I am still living on those scrumptious Arby's Fish sandwiches I had for lunch  :sad8: 

Title: Re: Eats?
Post by: steptoe91(tozie) on December 25, 2012, 06:15:38 am
growing up we all gathered at my Nana and Pa's house (g'ma and g'pa) on christmas eve. we ordered pizza for dinner, enjoyed family and presents. then on christmas day we all gathered at our house for a big xmas dinner of turkey, homemade ravioli (with Pa's sauce), homemade pasta, stuffing, potatoes, etc... and black olives... always had a big bowl of black olives.

this year? we celebrated christmas on the 23rd cause i'm working today. we had our turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and crescent rolls. it was just me, drew, and the feathers and furries but it was nice.