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Title: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: Nakia on October 19, 2012, 02:43:47 am
As most of ya'll know I have a wolf pack...'er...dogs actually. :twirl: But, sometimes I feel like they are devious wolves. :dmblaf: With so many of them under foot & in the house 27/7 except to go outside for short potty trips, it can be a bit nerve wracking at times.  :deer: Especially when the Oz, better known as Ozzie Doodle Marzsquite likes to go on the floor just short of the paper I keep under Jerry's work table for them.  :pullhair:

The girls are perfect ladies :nails: :loveuk: & always use their paper when in the house for hours while we are at work. :hugu: And the little boys do most of the time, 'cept for the old shih tzu Chow Yun. :sad8: He still likes to mark when he can get away with it. :pipen:

Sooo, I have been wanting to put in a doggie door for a long time & Tue. I went & got the X-large one Lowes had. :smile3: Jerry was less than enthused with installing it on our back door,  :slaph: but he did Wed. & now he likes it too...(you should see all 6'7" of him crawl through it. :lol: Just joking 'bout that one. :laffhrd:)

Ozzie went out the door right off :handshappy: & Nakia followed. But, it took til yesterday for the rest of 'em to use it with any consistency. :roll:
And here are some pics of the transition from the attitudes of the pack of not wanting to try it to loving it! :thumb:

Hmmm, Mom said I'd love this thing. But, I can't even see out. So what's so special about a dirty window?

It looks like my backyard, but I ain't gonna' go find out...NOPE!!

So, what do ya' think Cheyenne? Has Mom gone off the deep end with this new doggie thingy?

Can you see anything Mikkwa? Can you tell if there are any Martians out there Jonnikki?

OMG!! I see something...It's coming in!!!

Whewww. This teleporting between the spirit worlds is tiring. Did all of me shape shift back?

So Ozzie said all ya' gotta' do is believe? Well, Sistas I'm going in..'er...out!

Nakia Come back!  

Oh... I knew this was a bad idea. Nakia, where are youuuuu?

Ain't nothing to it. Now we wait.

HeHe, this is fun Cheyenne. All you gotta' do is...Believe...

Should I tell 'em 'bout the werewolf? Naw, they'll find out soon enough, hehe

Pssst Mom, don't tell 'em it's just the back yard yet. I'm having fun with this.

Ummm, Mikkwa. Was this stuffed dog here all along or does that look a lot like Jonnikki to you?

Help Me!! I'm stuck in the 'in-between'

Cheyenne, Mikkwa ya'll each grab an ear. Don't worry if ya' rip 'em off. We'll glue them back later.

Wait a minute...Wasn't that Jonnikki's nose poking in? Then how did we manage to pull Ozzie in instead?

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: BPMar on October 19, 2012, 05:27:50 am
 :laffhrd: :laffhrd:  That was funny!  I love seeing them all investigating the teleport!  :laugh:  That must of been so funny to watch them figure out what the heck it was!!  Did Jerry go through to show them it was ok to use??!!  :laffin2:

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: YoshiMike13 on October 19, 2012, 05:54:47 am
Lol!! that was such a cute story line!! that was very fun to read nakia!! I like the pictures too!! Looks like they are having a blast going into the spirit world!!

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: Ditty on October 19, 2012, 07:51:16 pm
Your captions kill me  :laffhrd: !
Too cute seeing them wondering what it does.  Awesome!!

Can you lock yours?

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: BuffaloParrot on October 19, 2012, 08:42:45 pm
Lord!  :lol:

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: Nakia on October 19, 2012, 10:19:43 pm
Yeah, this one has a metal cover that slides down over the plastic flap & has a peg type lock. Not a real strong deterrent should someone want to kick it in, but with all the barking going on inside I don't think a burglar would want to crawl through. :laffhrd: They may be foo-foo dogs, but they can sound vicious when need be. :dmblaf:

No, I couldn't get Jerry to crawl through it to show the kids how it's done. :lol: Not even when I tossed a rib eye outside to entice him. :2funny2:

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: Sondra on October 20, 2012, 05:49:06 am
Great captions!
We had to make a heavy duty "screen" door so hubs could make a custom dog door as we couldn't find one big enough for Hooch. She promptly ripped the heavy duty plastic off the dog door frame.  :headhammer: Unfortunately our Hoochie Girl will let anyone in the house that wants in and she always has a toy or bone to share with them.

Title: Re: Teleporting Between Two Worlds.
Post by: Nakia on October 20, 2012, 08:08:39 am
 :dmblaf:Hooch's sheer size should make the average burglar think twice. :laffhrd: The door I got is the largest one Lowes had & it is plenty big enough for my kids, but if they were one of the really large breeds it would not suffice.

That is too funny, bring a toy or bone to share. :laugh: Most of mine are friendly as long as we are there with them, :drool: but I do have a couple that will bite a stranger if they try to put their hands on them. :bruce: They do bark & plenty especially if we are not home, so the serenade of the 8 sounds like a vicious pack. :2funny2:

I won't let them come & go while we are gone. I don't want any of them to be stolen and since we work at night, I do have neighbors out here at the lake & I don't want their barking in the yard to cause any to complain to the owner of the camp.  :sad8: