Kentucky Lake and the Submerged Town

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As I mentioned in my other post, we got out on Kentucky Lake and spent the day on Saturday. The coolest thing about the lake is its sheer size (it is man made and huge) and the fact that when the lake was formed the Tennessee Valley Authority flooded the area and there are building submerged underwater. Here is what Wikipedia says about it:

"Created in 1944 by the Tennessee Valley Authority's impounding of the Tennessee River by Kentucky Dam, the 160,309-acre lake is the largest artificial lake by surface area in the United States east of the Mississippi River"........

"When Kentucky Lake was created during World War II, many farms, homes, towns, roads, and railroads had to be relocated. The most notable community to be affected was Birmingham. Roads that were affected include US 62, US 68, US 79, Kentucky 58, Kentucky 80, Kentucky 94, and several others. Railroads to be relocated include the Illinois Central (now Paducah & Louisville Railroad) and the now-abandoned Louisville & Nashville. The currents of Kentucky Lake have now wiped out most of the remnants of roads and foundations.

Although many homes were moved there still are many homes and buildings below the surface. Many graves were moved, but in the first years following the flooding of the area it was not uncommon for the water to make its way below the lake floor and loosen a lost or forgotten casket and cause it to float to the surface. Maps are readily available for people to use a guide to dive to see old homes and grave sites.

Many of the old roads are still used with just a small fence stopping traffic from driving into the lake. If a person stands at the end of the road as it goes into the lake they can usually look across the lake and see the road reappear and also used. Another use of many of the old roads that go into the lake are pre-made public use boat launch ramps."

Here are some pictures of the old railroad, some electrical lines that are still visible, as well as the old grain mill that is submerged some 15 feet or so.

I have more pictures, but these were the best I thought.

Good old TVA. Don't get me started on those bastards. tickedoff.gif knuppel2.gif tickedoff.gif knuppel2.gif tickedoff.gif knuppel2.gif tickedoff.gif knuppel2.gif tickedoff.gif

ucckk... poor souls.. floating...uckk..America's deteriorating infrastructure.... :(

I would love to explore that old grain mill!

Interesting and very cool pics.  that lake does look HUGE.


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