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Title: Xavier
Post by: jules on June 16, 2016, 09:20:20 am
Sorry not been on much but Xavier has had a couple of health scares the last few weeks, not sure if it's down to him still settling in and getting used to our environment or what, but about five weeks or so after our evening meal Xavier, I noticed was breathing quite fast like he was stressed, this went on for over an hour so I rang the emergency vet, then Gary his owner, and we took him up by which time he had returned to normal, frightened the life out of me he did. The following Sunday it happened again but only for a few minutes thank God, and this has not happened since. I've been reading alot, about various things and came across birds known to have 'stress seizures' which is common in budgies and the reason is not known, but they experience fast breathing which then returns to normal. The vet didn't know much but I wondered if this is what Xavier had, poor boy x

Now two weeks ago he somehow hurt his foot or leg, and I noticed him limping slightly and holding his foot up and at the time it was warm to the touch. The warmth went after a day, he has antiinflammatories but the vet is pushing for x-rays and blood tests which I don't want to put him through. I made myself I'll last week thinking about it and whether he would not make it through the anaesthetic.

He has improved a fair bit over the two weeks and can put weight on his leg to scratch and stretch and walk, and Tuesday he put full weight on it to balance himself on his swing! So I'm hoping the slight limp will eventually go, whatever caused it. I know to get to the bottom of it properly is to have x-rays and blood tests, but I just cannot go through with it, call me selfish but it makes me ill the thought of it all  :cry:

Title: Re: Xavier
Post by: jules on June 16, 2016, 09:25:37 am
I recently found out too that he has never been outside in the sun, or had vitamin supplements for his 14 years, so I'm wondering if the lameness is down to a vitamin deficiency also x

I'm hoping with these vitamins, time sitting in the sun and some rest he will improve :(

I've noticed also he has been preening more and has a dustier beak, so something is helping him (I hope)  :heart:

Love this bird to bits already  :heart:

Title: Re: Xavier
Post by: Nakia on June 17, 2016, 10:19:44 pm
Oh goodness jules you have had a scare with Xavier.  :hugu:  I sure hope all that you are doing helps him and no more prodding or picking at him is needed by the vets. I can so understand your not wanting to put the sweet boy through any more stress.

 And no don't you think for 1 min that you are selfish for being afraid for him and deciding to not go through  with x-rays!!!  :hugu: :hugu: Our birds are so easy to stress and you know him better than any vet or person with living with him and seeing him every day. 

I will be praying his widdle foot keeps improving and he feels better with the vitamins. Wish I could help with advice but African Greys are not a bird I've  had much experience with.  :hmm: